A global leading Space sector

The West Yorkshire Space sector is growing rapidly. Leading global space companies look to our region to source mission critical components where quality, reliability, durability and safety are essential.

Welcome to the West Yorkshire Space sector

“I’m incredibly excited about the growing and high value Space sector in West Yorkshire. It can drive forward our economy and provide good quality jobs and opportunities for people across the region.

West Yorkshire has played a significant role in the development of satellite and ground based communication technologies which underpin much of modern day life.

World leading companies such as Filtronic, a University of Leeds spin out, who pioneered technologies for the global mobile communications industry, and Satsense, who monitor critical infrastructure from space, have been made possible due to the exceptional talent and research capabilities that we have in West Yorkshire”

Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire is home to the largest manufacturing workforce of any UK city region, employing over 150,000 people across over 7,000 manufacturers. The region is home to the UK’s 3rd and 5th largest cities, respectively Leeds and Bradford.

The West Yorkshire space sector is growing rapidly. We are internationally competitive and are creating products and services exported across the globe.

Our businesses design, engineer and manufacture components used in satellites currently orbiting our skies.

Leading global space companies such as Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Leonardo, Space-X, and One Web look to West Yorkshire to source mission critical components where quality, reliability, durability and safety are essential.

At the heart of West Yorkshire is a world class cluster of companies in the Space Sector. These businesses design, engineer and manufacture Radio Frequency, Millimetre and Microwave components and sub-assemblies used extensively in the commercial and defence terrestrial and satellite communications industry.

We are a world-renowned centre for Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and data analytics. This technology is used alongside data collected in space and beamed back to earth. This helps us monitor the earth, around the effects of climate change, flooding and global crop yields.

I hope you enjoy discovering more about some of our fantastic companies working across the space sector.

  1. Space Hub Yorkshire

    Space Hub Yorkshire is a coordinator of Space activity across the region.

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  2. Radio frequency and communications technology

    The radio frequency cluster in our region supplies components, parts, embedded systems and infrastructure to the terrestrial and satellite communications industry worldwide.

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  3. Earth observation and satellite data applications

    West Yorkshire has world leading expertise across several technologies which are key to the Earth observation sector including AI and synthetic aperture radar (SAR)

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  4. Space and aerospace supply chain

    Our advanced manufacturing sector supplies highly engineered components across a diverse range of high value, precision led sectors including space.

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  5. University research and innovation

    The space sector in West Yorkshire has access to the support and expertise of seven universities within the region, offering world class and world leading research capabilities.

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  6. Our region

    West Yorkshire is the heart of the UK and an internationally significant region in its own right. 

    Find out about transport links, universities, culture and more 

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